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Round Apple Blossom

Staying with the ” Tiny Tiffany ” theme this time I have gone for an Apple Blossom design, the background glass here is a Uroboros fracture glass code 10-55 Cobalt Blue, White and Green, this panel can be hung in a window or placed in a stand as shown here, The original panel size is 12 inches, ( 305 mm ) diameter.. The stand can be purchased here  The pattern for this piece can be purchased on etsy as a PDF download here Original panel size is 12 inches, this can be scaled up using the printing instructions included in the PDF download.

Youghiogheny Poppies

Youghiogheny Poppies.
Youghiogheny Poppies


This panel is made using Youghiogheny stipple glass, I tried to keep the design fairly simple and let the glass do the work. I have poppies growing wild in my garden and am always struck by the way the red really compliments the green surrounds. For those of you who are interested in reproducing this panel it is now available as a PDF downloadable pattern on etsy;

474mm Clematis

Here is the completed panel with the natural light behind it, very pleased how this has come out,For those of you who have followed this blog and would like to try a similar piece the original pattern is available here as a free download, we also sell patterns on etsy in the same format as this pattern.Click here to download PDF pattern

Deep Red Tulips

An exhibition piece depicting a field of tulips.

This piece of stained glass is purely imaginative. The possibility of finding a field of tulips growing in Ireland during mid January is pretty slim.

David worked with straight lines when designing the border, “I don’t normally do straight lines, but it sort of works here”.

Dimensions including the frame : width 375cm x height 1060cm

Deep-red Tulips

Irises at Slade

This is a close up detail of Irises at Slade, made with Uroboros Art Glass. The full size pattern of this panel is available on Etsy
Irises at Slade


DaffodilAn exhibition piece.

“I always wanted to design a daffodil stained glass window”. David derives inspiration from out and about around our home in Slade, Co. Wexford.

Many photographs were taken and elements of each one became the design for this piece.

A lot of work went into this piece, the colours are vibrant together and the whole piece really reminds us of spring.

Dimensions including the frame : width 375cm x height 1060cm
The full size pattern for this panel which includes options for a rectangular or gothic shape at the top is available now at Etsy


An exhibition piece. David drew inspiration for this piece from the colours and textures in the stained glass.

The design was kept fairly simple, all handmade Youghiogheny Art Glass sourced in Pennsylvania used throughout this piece.

Dimensions including the frame : width 375cm x height 1060cm
The full size pattern for this panel which includes options for a rectangular or gothic shape at the top is now available at Etsy

Japanese Koi Carp Stained Glass Panel

koi_505x1000Back to the tattoo influence here, “I always thought a koi fish would work in stained glass just had to do it pretty big”.

Quite a bit of work arranging this panel but David eventually settled on him swimming downstream.

Bullseye Glass used for the pink cherry blossoms everything else is Youghiogheny.

Dimensions : width 479cm x height 938cm
The full size pattern for this panel is now available on Etsy