Tiffany Butterfly

This little project was inspired by Tiffany’s hanging moth ornaments which were hung from the side of lampshades as a decorative addition, I thought it would make quite a posh sun catcher.

This was the design I came up with and I would have to say it involved quite a lot of work, there are sixty- nine pieces of glass here and quite fiddly keeping them together while I soldered them into place.

All the glass used here is Uroboros which I thinks works quite well, the body is 00-74 Emerald, Yellow Green and Light Green, the eyes are 00-21 Ruby, Golden Yellow, Red on White, I cut the centers and surrounds from the same sheet. The inner wings are 00-78 Light Green with Spring Green, one of my favorite glasses and finally the red tips are 60-25-5 Red,Orange and white.

At this point I’m not sure if I will make another as time was a big factor here, It was a good way of using up small pieces of glass though, those pieces that are just to good to throw away. I used a 14 swg tinned copper wire to make the stamens which also serve as hooks from which to hang the chain.

474 mm Clematis

I have started to add some Uroboros fracture and streamer glass code 11-296 down the right hand side of the panel, still thinking of add a small strip of water glass at the bottom of the panel.I like to use glasses with different texture as I feel it really adds to the overall effect. I’ve added the last two flowers and the rest of the fracture and streamer here and I think it definitely needs the water glass to complete the panel. Water glass added and all the pieces are now cut, I am quite happy with the result so far however before I start to foil I will put the panel on the light-box. On the light-box now and although it’s difficult to see I’m quite happy with the way everything looks so the next step is to start foiling.

474 mm Round Clematis

For this project I have taken a pattern I designed for a 305 mm diameter clematis pattern and enlarged it to 474 mm, I am also going to adapt it slightly to incorporate a water glass effect, here is the original panel

12 " diameter round clematis panel

Client likes this design but would prefer the color scheme used in this panel..

Blue Clematis

So I have enlarged my PDF pattern and printed it out I will now make two copies, one for my template and one for cutting the glass pieces, I am going to adapt the pattern slightly at the bottom but will do this when I have most of it cut. Using a router and a sheet of 4 mm MDF I have cut a round template at 464 mm diameter which I have fixed to a base board using horse shoe nails, this allows for the width of the perimeter lead which will finish the panel at 474 mm. These calculations have to be quite exact and are well worth spending time on.

Poulfur School Commission installation.

This is the top frame nearly complete and everything lining up and looking good at the moment. Top frame now complete and first two panels of bottom frame in. Glad to see this panel go in as it represents the real focal point of the whole piece. This is the completed piece taken through the glass screen on the upper floor./”>

Poulfur School Commission installation

With all the panels and the two frames complete it was time to install the piece, first job was to fix the two frames into the window recesses top and bottom. The frames were designed to fit flush up against the window exactly matching the existing frames. Frames installed and first big sigh of relief, now for the panels. We decided to start at the top and work across and down, the top frame is actually six inches taller than the bottom frame.Here are the first two panels in situ, so far so good. This is panel no three installed, I think this is the largest panel so we were glad to see it in place.This concluded our first days work.

Magnolia Panel GPQ

Mid April now in Ireland and we are still waiting for spring to arrive, this magnolia pattern is available in the current issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly along with a full step by step tutorial. This magazine is packed full of projects and all the latest info on hot and cold glass, available in print and digital versions.

Poulfur School Commission

Once again I have started with the outside panels, I have added the flowers to introduce a bit more colour into the composition. The red and white represents the school sports colours as well as Fethard village colours. The right hand side has one panel and the two go on the left.
Here is the central panel under construction, there are a lot of curves in this panel which made it very labour intensive. Here is the panel completely cut and ready to be soldered at all the joints, followed by cementing. We now have all sixteen panels completed so its just a case of installing the frames and hoping everything lines up, Fingers crossed.

Poulfur School Commission

For the bottom section of the window I took a slightly different approach by making the side panels first, here are panels 9 and 10 in situ in the frame before being cemented.
The central panel was quite important in the overall appearance of the window and involved some tricky cuts so by doing it last I was able to line everything up Here is the central panel with panel no 12 the gap in between the two panels is 150mm which represents the frame,you can see now how everything lines up.
Here is panel no 10 showing the left hand side.This completes the third section of the window.

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Cobweb Eddy GPQ

In between commission work we like to create pieces for publication in ” Glass Patterns Quarterly ” This magazine contains all the latest news from the stained glass world and numerous projects and tutorials covering all aspects of glasswork both hot and cold. Cobweb Eddy is in the current issue with a full tutorial to help you construct this bad boy in time for Halloween.                                 © David Kennedy 2017

Here is the link : should you wish to purchase.