Poulfur School Commission

After discussions with the board of management we submitted a number of designs and ideas for their consideration and the above design was eventually agreed upon. As this was based on a square shape we then had to make a working drawing of the whole window incorporating the design into the available space. A secondary frame would also be needed to house the glass panels.
This proved to be a fairly lengthy process and definitely worth taking some time over, once we had the working drawing complete the full size patterns could then be drawn, we had all the measurements to complete the secondary frame and templates could be cut for all individual panels. At this point I had a rough idea of the colors and glass types I was going to use so I figured it would be best to start at the top of the installation, it would then be easier to make any adjustments as I worked down the design. I prefer to work this way as it keeps everything fluid and fresh, I’m never quite sure how it’s going to look until it’s finished and I often get little ideas as I am progressing which I can then add. This was also the largest panel, the top section being 6 inches taller than the bottom section. Having completed this panel I then moved on to the side panels, making some slight adjustments as I now had the benefit of being able to view them placed next to the large panel. There is only one panel on the right-hand side so I have made this first, it is also important to remember that the frame between these two panels is 6 inches wide which is fairly substantial. The inner panel on the left is about 2 inches thinner than the outside panel and of course there are two 6 inch frame pieces on this side of the window, all these different size panels had to be taken into account at the design stage. Here are the three smaller panels together, two left and one on the right. It’s also important to note that the glass will completely change color once it is placed in front of the light. Here are the two left-hand panels with the light behind them spaced 6 inches apart to replicate the frame, as you can see from the previous photo some of the glass now looks clear, it’s just that it is very pale and when all of the window is done everything will blend seamlessly together ( hopefully )

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