Poulfur School Commission

With the top four panels complete I can move onto the next four, once again I have started with the largest panel which contains most of the detail of the lighthouse. For the triangular sections in the lighthouse I have managed to incorporate four plain bevels, three of which I have had to cut these are the only pieces of clear glass in the whole installation. They appear white here due to the paper pattern underneath the glass, this also effects the other colours in the panel and at times can be a little disconcerting. Here is a close up of the bevel pieces, I have used Spectrum waterglass on either side to add to the effect of shining light. English muffle and other textured glass were also used extensively throughout the window to give it some ” sparkle ” if you will. Here is a large image of the panel with the light coming through and you can clearly see the effects of the different glass textures, its also worth noting how the light changes the colours of the glass. With this panel complete I then move onto the three smaller side panels. Here they are in the process of being cemented and you can clearly see the different glass textures, after the cement is dry they will receive a thorough cleaning and polish before installation. With these eight panels finished that now completes the top section of the window.

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