Clematis stained glass pattern

  We are delighted to be able to offer this design for sale as a full size pattern 38.25 inches x 18.75 inches, ( 972mm x 476mm ) and is available on Etsy It is in PDF form and can be printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Glass Patterns Quarterly

Back in January we posted a small panel ” Scene with Poppies ” Shortly after we were contacted by GPQ , and as a result this design has been published in the current issue, along with a pattern and tutorial on how to construct this small panel. BD22   Here is the finished panel .

Apple Blossom

This piece has been cut and sitting on the workbench for the past two months so I am delighted to have it complete and able to post pictures. Staying with the ” Tiny Tiffany ” theme this time I have gone for an Apple Blossom design, the background glass here is a Uroboros fracture glass […]

Scene with irises

Effort number three in my ” Tiny Tiffany ” series is another scene, this time using irises which just work so well in stained glass. Getting some small pieces of yellow in here was a bit of a challenge but like to think I managed it ok. I find using the water glass really adds […]

Scene with poppies

When using art glass you invariably end up with lots of different pieces of odd glasses that you simply don’t want to dispose of. After a while these start to mount up and take up space so some thing has to be done with them which leads to this panel. I have taken the idea […]

Various Pieces in Studio

These are various pieces currently for sale in the studio, we make these up during the year in between commissions.

Two Irises

When using art glass you always seem to end up with odd pieces that you simply have to get into a panel, which is the case here, The background glass dictated everything, the colour of the irises compliments it so well. Only enough for a small panel though. >

Pansies door panels

These panels were inspired by the work of Kaffe Fasset and were the first of my original designs. I had been making Tiffany lampshades for some years but I always wanted to do my own designs at some point. I used Uroboros and Youghiogheny glass for the pansies and concentrated on the shapes and colours […]

Blue Hydrangea

This panel started as a thumbnail sketch which I did whilst my son was having a half – hour piano lesson. The full size pattern however took about four days to get right. Hydrangea’s grow in abundance in Ireland and in a multitude of colours making them a perfect subject to produce in art glass. […]