Moody Iris stained glass pattern.

The full size pattern for this panel is now available as a digital download on etsy

Two Irises

When using art glass you always seem to end up with odd pieces that you simply have to get into a panel, which is the case here, The background glass dictated everything, the colour of the irises compliments it so well. Only enough for a small panel though. >

Irises at Slade

This is the full size panel ” Irises at Slade ” made with Uroboros Art Glass codes : 60 – 70, 60 – 543, 65 – 17, 65 – 145 . I took my inspiration for this panel from ” Van Gogh’s ” famous painting, trying to capture the colour and energy in my design.

Irises at Slade

This is a close up detail of Irises at Slade, made with Uroboros Art Glass. The full size pattern of this panel is available on Etsy