474 mm Round Clematis

For this project I have taken a pattern I designed for a 305 mm diameter clematis pattern and enlarged it to 474 mm, I am also going to adapt it slightly to incorporate a water glass effect, here is the original panel

12" round clematis
12″ round clematis

Client likes this design but would prefer the color scheme used in this panel..

Blue Clematis
Blue Clematis

So I have enlarged my PDF pattern and printed it out I will now make two copies, one for my template and one for cutting the glass pieces, I am going to adapt the pattern slightly at the bottom but will do this when I have most of it cut. Using a router and a sheet of 4 mm MDF I have cut a round template at 464 mm diameter which I have fixed to a base board using horse shoe nails, this allows for the width of the perimeter lead which will finish the panel at 474 mm. These calculations have to be quite exact and are well worth spending time on.