Owl in the Moonlight

Owl in the Moonlight


Owls are steeped in symbolism and folklore throughout many different cultures. From the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Native American Indians to name but a few. The Celts believed it was the wisdom of the Owl that gave it the knowledge of the underworld path. So a fascinating subject and also quite popular in the world of stained glass design. Here is my contribution an “Owl in the Moonlight” stained glass panel. This piece now takes pride of place in a Reiki Healing Studio in County Wexford Ireland.
I have used a dark blue Spectrum Waterglass for the sky and an ice white Youghiogheny Stipple Glass for the moon. These two glasses work so well together, the blue reflects the light whereas the white is very opaque. I have picked the branches out with a solid black glass to complete the upper background. The Owl sits in the foreground atop a tree stump at the centre of the composition. It took me a few days to produce this pattern and I am very happy with the end result.


Owl in the Moonlight
Owl in the Moonlight © David Kennedy 2016

Stained Glass Pattern Information

Downloadable PDF pattern prints actual size 18 inch x 24 inch, ( 457 mm x 610 mm ) across eight pages. Instructions provided for enlarging the pattern to your required size when printing. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print this pattern.

Copyright information

Owl in the Moonlight PDF Pattern (© David Kennedy Designs) copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
It is illegal to distribute this stained glass pattern online or in hard copy without written permission from David Kennedy.
Please do not post or distribute this stained glass pattern on other websites.

The full-size pattern for this Owl in the Moonlight Panel is available in the pattern store.

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Two Cockatoos

Two Cockatoos

Two Cockatoos stained glass panel by David Kennedy in Uroboros Art Glass

This is my Two Cockatoos panel in Uroboros Art Glass, size is 36 inches x 26 inches. It is a copy of a mosaic panel entitled ” Two Sulpher Crested Cockatoos ” by Tiffany Studios New York. A similar panel commissioned by Helen Gould and titled “Mosaic of Cockatoos” was the original. Both of these panels are by the artist ” Joseph Briggs” who joined Tiffany in 1893. He worked his way up through the company to head first the mosaics department and finally the studios. His story is a fascinating read in itself and he was a major part of the company which closed its doors in 1932.

Two Sulpher Crested Cockatoos

Two Sulpher Crested Cockatoos from the Haworth Gallery, Accrington , Lancashire, UK

The panel above is in the Haworth Gallery Accrington in the United Kingdom. They hold the largest collection of original Tiffany Glass outside the USA. When the studios closed down in 1932 Joseph Briggs had the sad task of winding up the company and its contents. So he arranged a large shipment of treasures to his native Lancashire. This collection remained in storage until the 1970s after which it found it’s way to the Haworth Gallery. It remains there to this day on permanent display where it is accessible to the viewing public.

Mr Joseph Briggs

Mr Joseph Briggs, head of the Mosaic Department at Tiffany Studios.
This post would not be complete without a nod to this man. Mr Joseph Briggs left Lancashire for America in 1891 at the age of 17. He spent the first couple of years touring with a” Wild West Show” before joining Tiffany Studios. Here he rose through the ranks to become head of the Mosaic Department. Hats off to you sir for producing such beautiful art.