Poppies at Slade.

The story of this panel began a few years ago whilst I was visiting family in the UK. I managed a visit to Kansa Stained Glass where I was fortunate enough to purchase two sheets of Uroboros art glass which is hard enough to find at the best of times. The first sheet I pulled out of the rack was this one, code 10-16-5 Light & dark browns, turquoise with mini fractures.My first thoughts were I loved the colors and it would make a great background glass.
The next sheet I pulled out was this one 60-25-5 Red,orange & white at this point I thought “Poppy panel “. Over the next few years I made a few attempts at a pattern, which for various reasons I had to shelve, but in October 2018 a window of time opened up so I went for it. The colors of the two sheets gave me a feel of Liberty/Art Nouveau which strongly influenced the final design.

I have cut the top and bottom background here, the leaves ( Youghiogheny stipple 4117 Green, ice white & bluish grey ) and the soil ( Uroboros granite backed 65-17 Light & dark browns ) Ready to add the flowers now so hoping I’ve got it right.

Round Apple Blossom

Staying with the ” Tiny Tiffany ” theme this time I have gone for an Apple Blossom design, the background glass here is a Uroboros fracture glass code 10-55 Cobalt Blue, White and Green, this panel can be hung in a window or placed in a stand as shown here, The original panel size is 12 inches, ( 305 mm ) diameter.. The stand can be purchased here http://www.fireliteforms.com/category/39175338  The pattern for this piece can be purchased on etsy as a PDF download here https://www.etsy.com/ie/listing/606937658/round-apple-blossom-stained-glass-panel?ref=shop_home_feat_2 Original panel size is 12 inches, this can be scaled up using the printing instructions included in the PDF download.

Youghiogheny Poppies

Youghiogheny Poppies.
Youghiogheny Poppies


This panel is made using Youghiogheny stipple glass, I tried to keep the design fairly simple and let the glass do the work. I have poppies growing wild in my garden and am always struck by the way the red really compliments the green surrounds. For those of you who are interested in reproducing this panel it is now available as a PDF downloadable pattern in the Pattern Store http://www.kennedyoriginalstainedglass.com/?sd_product=poppies-stained-glass-pattern 

474mm Clematis

Here is the completed panel with the natural light behind it, very pleased how this has come out,For those of you who have followed this blog and would like to try a similar piece the original pattern is available here as a free download, we also sell patterns on etsy in the same format as this pattern.Click here to download PDF pattern

Moody Iris stained glass pattern.

Moody Irises
Moody Irises

Irises must have been created for stained glass, they just work so well together. This panel was created in about 40 hours using Youghiogheny stipple glass.The full size pattern for this panel is now available as a digital download in the Pattern Store http://www.kennedyoriginalstainedglass.com/?sd_product=moody-irises-stained-glass-pattern

Clematis stained glass pattern

Blue Clematis
Blue Clematis


We are delighted to be able to offer this design for sale as a full size pattern 38.25 inches x 18.75 inches, ( 972mm x 476mm ) and is available on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/ie/listing/473515336/clematis-stained-glass-pattern-david?ref=shop_home_feat_1. It is in PDF form and can be printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea

This panel started as a thumbnail sketch which I did whilst my son was having a half – hour piano lesson. The full size pattern however took about four days to get right. Hydrangea’s grow in abundance in Ireland and in a multitude of colours making them a perfect subject to produce in art glass. The mop heads here are made with a Uroboros ring mottle, leaves and background are Youghiogheny stipple. The full size pattern for this panel is now available as a downloadable PDF file in the Pattern Store http://www.kennedyoriginalstainedglass.com/?sd_product=blue-hydrangea-stained-glass-pattern

Red Poppies

This exhibition piece begins the story of Kennedy Original Stained Glass.
As with many of our pieces, David derives inspiration from the flowers growing in our garden.
We salvaged and restored some old pitch pine gothic frames and added a heavy oak base.
Dimensions including the frame : width 375cm x height 1060cm
This Pattern is now available as a downloadable PDF on Etsy,https://www.etsy.com/ie/listing/620669913/gothic-poppies-david-kennedy-designs?ref=shop_home_feat_1