Hummingbird with Blossoms.

Hummingbird with Blossoms

Here are a few pictures of a Hummingbird with Blossoms round panel. It is 12-inch diameter, pictured here inside a wooden template all cut out and ready for foiling. I make the plywood templates using a router with a simple jig attached at one end. This makes it possible to cut out a perfect circle, the template can then be re-used for many projects.

Hummingbird with Blossoms round stained glass panel, all the pieces cut, pink blossoms with blue and purple background.
Hummingbird with Blossoms all cut

The Construction

I prefer to cut all the pieces before I start foiling. This method provides some room for any further adjustments and minor tweaks. With all the foiling complete I would then flat solder all the lines using 50/50 solder. Removing the template allows me to repeat the process on the reverse side. At this point I would attach the perimeter lead, usually, 4 x 4 “U” came which provides a nice neat finish. Using 60/40 solder I would then bead the panel back and front before attaching two hooks to accommodate a chain. The panel is then cleaned with “0000” steel wool before the final patination and polish. This completes the construction process.

Hummingbird with Blossoms all pieces foiled and ready to be flat soldered.
Hummingbird with Blossoms foiling complete


The Finished Piece

And here is the completed panel, I made this for my mum as a present for Christmas 2015. My younger sister had passed away earlier in the year at the young age of 55. She always used to visit and bring my mum small pretty things to hang in the window. So I made this Hummingbird to remind us of all the good times we enjoyed as a family. Life can be so wonderful and yet so brief.

Hummingbird with Blossoms in window, pink blossoms, blue and purple background
Hummingbird with Blossoms in window

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