Tiny Tiffany Two

Tiny Tiffany Two

12″ Diameter Tiny Tiffany Two. This time I have sorted out some glass pieces that I would like to use. These would be offcuts that I have left over after previous commissions. I’ve gone for a clematis design this time, the same size as the previous Scene with Poppies post.Tiny Tiffany Two 12" round stained glass panel with pink clematis flowers on a blue and purple background, with green leaves

About The Panel

There are three different glasses in the background. Blue, purple and a small piece of grey glass which has fractures on the reverse side. These are small flakes of glass fused into the surface creating shadows. I have arranged for the flowers to flow down through the panel and act as a bridge between these colors. The small leaves are an ideal way to introduce some green into the composition and balance the other colors. Bearing in mind this is only 12″ in diameter I have tried to create the feeling of a much larger panel.

Tiny Tiffany Two Flowers, close up of the pink flowers on blue and purple background.
Tiny Tiffany Two Flowers


I have been working with glass for close to forty years and as a medium, it has no equal. Drawing and painting are very much two dimensional but with glass, you get to work with the light. Of course, it’s quite unforgiving as well so you have to be very precise with everything. Having made two of these Tiny Tiffany panels now I find it amazing how much detail I can get into them. The moral is that it’s always worth trying something new, learning for me is the real essence of life. We forget what we actually know because were only interested in learning what we don’t know.

clematis close up
Tiny Tiffany Two Background