Triquetra Claddagh PDF

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Triquetra Claddagh PDF
Triquetra Claddagh PDF
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Triquetra Claddagh PDF

Triquetra Claddagh PDF

Stained Glass Pattern Information

Triquetra Claddagh PDF Stained Glass Pattern, this is an original design by © David Kennedy 2021. All rights reserved.

A 540 mm ( approx 21.25 inches) square pattern with a circular option and border pieces if required.

A downloadable PDF pattern prints actual size 21.25 inches x 21.25 inches, ( 540 mm x 540 mm ) across six pages. Instructions are included for enlarging the pattern to your required size when printing. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print this pattern.

This listing is for a downloadable PDF PATTERN ONLY.

The PDF file you will download consists of :

Page 1. A full-color illustration and description of the original pattern.

Page 2. Information and contents.

Page 3.Color key and glass codes ( including manufacturers )

Page 4. Printing instructions and options.

Page 5. Full-size pattern 21.25 x 21.25 inches.

I have included the manufacturers and catalog codes for the glass I used in the original panel. These are only intended as a guide and are not a necessity.

Please feel free to include the glass of your choice and let your imagination run wild.


Copyright information

This Triquetra Claddagh PDF Pattern( © David Kennedy Designs) copyright 2021. All rights reserved. It is illegal to distribute this stained glass pattern online or in hard copy without written permission from David Kennedy. This stained glass pattern is for personal use only. Permission allowed for limited use of this stained glass pattern for projects to sell at local crafts shops. Raising funds for charity at auctions or raffles is also allowed. Any postings online of finished projects also allowed. If you would please give credit to David Kennedy Designs for the pattern as a courtesy. Please do not post or distribute this stained glass pattern on other websites.

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