Tiffany Butterfly

This little project was inspired by Tiffany’s hanging moth ornaments which were hung from the side of lampshades as a decorative addition, I thought it would make quite a posh sun catcher.

This was the design I came up with and I would have to say it involved quite a lot of work, there are sixty- nine pieces of glass here and quite fiddly keeping them together while I soldered them into place.

All the glass used here is Uroboros which I thinks works quite well, the body is 00-74 Emerald, Yellow Green and Light Green, the eyes are 00-21 Ruby, Golden Yellow, Red on White, I cut the centers and surrounds from the same sheet. The inner wings are 00-78 Light Green with Spring Green, one of my favorite glasses and finally the red tips are 60-25-5 Red,Orange and white.

At this point I’m not sure if I will make another as time was a big factor here, It was a good way of using up small pieces of glass though, those pieces that are just to good to throw away. I used a 14 swg tinned copper wire to make the stamens which also serve as hooks from which to hang the chain.