Apple Blossom Panel

Apple Blossom Panel

This Apple Blossom Panel has been sitting on my workbench for the past two months. As you can see from this picture I have all the pieces cut out ready for foiling and soldering. The next step I take at this stage is to place the cut pieces on a light-box. I am pretty confident in myself that it will look good when complete. But its always worth a preview if possible.

Apple Blossom All Cut


Here it is on the light-box and now you can see the fractures in the background glass. I have positioned this on the right-hand side in the two largest pieces. This is to create some interest and add to the composition, balancing the flowers on the left.

Apple Blossom Light-box

Happy enough with the way things are looking on the lightbox I have now completed foiling and soldering. The panel is flat soldered first on the front side, the panel is then turned over and process repeated on the rear. The outer lead “U” came is then fitted, final bead soldering takes place next before attaching hooks.


Apple Blossom Front


This is the rear of the panel with the fractures in the background glass clearly visible. These are small fragments of glass embedded in the surface of the sheet. When viewed from the front they create shadows and a fragmented light, adding atmosphere to the subject. This glass is made by Uroboros, code 10-55 Cobalt Blue, White and Green,

Apple Blossom Back


Completed Apple Blossom Panel with chain attached and hanging in front of a window. Its only now that the effect of the background fractures are visible. The ring mottles in the flower petals also add shadows and light variations to the piece.

Apple Blossom Window Light

© David Kennedy 2016. The pattern for this panel is now available to purchase in the pattern store as a PDF download