Scene with irises

Scene with Irises

Effort number three in my ” Tiny Tiffany” series Scene with Irises. This time I am using irises which work so well in stained glass. The panel is 12 inch in diameter but could be re-sized larger if required. I am curious about these small panels to see how a landscape works in such a small space.

Scene with Irises

I look at this panel as having five layers. The sky is farthest back, then the mountains followed by the water. The light green glass makes up the foreground placing the flowers right at the front. I find this is a good method to use in stained glass as it helps get perspective into the picture.

Scene with Irises close up

By putting the flowers in the front of the scene I was able to make them larger. This helped as I needed to get some small pieces of yellow in to light them up a bit. It was a bit of a challenge but like to think I managed it ok. I find using the water glass adds another dimension even though the piece is so small. It underlines the mountains and brings your eye into the foreground.

Scene with Irises on stand

Here is the finished panel placed in a window on crescent stand. These are available here

As you can see from the above picture I have also soldered two round eyelets onto the edging came for attaching a chain.

Stained Glass Pattern Information

The pattern for this piece is available in the pattern store as a PDF file. The original panel size is 12 inches which can be scaled up using the printing instructions included in the PDF download.

Downloadable PDF pattern prints actual size 12-inch diameter, ( 305 mm x 305 mm ) across four pages. Instructions are provided for enlarging the pattern to your required size when printing. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print this pattern.

Copyright Information

Scene with Irises Stained Glass Pattern. © David Kennedy Designs 2016. All rights reserved.
It is illegal to distribute this stained glass pattern online or in hard copy without written permission from David Kennedy.
Please do not post or distribute this stained glass pattern on other websites.

Scene with Irises PDF
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Scene with Poppies

Scene with Poppies

This is my 12″ diameter Scene With Poppies panel. There is a bit of a story behind the creation of this piece which I will share with you here. My dear sister, who has since passed away bought me a ” Tiffany Calendar ” as a present for Christmas. This featured various stunning stained glass panels, lampshades and scenes. Some of these were on a grand scale which got me thinking about what I could fit into a small panel. The calendar was after all quite small but the illustrations still looked stunning.

Scene with Poppies
Scene with Poppies

When using art glass you end up with lots of different pieces of odd glasses that you don’t want to dispose of. After a while, these start to mount up and take up space so this was a way of putting them to good use. A win, win for me if you like so I took up my pencil and started to sketch.

Scene with Poppies close up of the 12" round stained glass panel, water glass , poppies and mountains in the background
Scene with Poppies close up

I have taken my inspiration from a scene on my calendar. I’m not sure how large the original window is but my small panel is 12 inches in diameter, a Tiny Tiffany if you like. I can’t include too much detail so I have concentrated on the shapes and kept them simple. What I have made sure to do is keep all the elements of a landscape picture. Background, sky, foreground with the flowers, the tree framing the left side and the water

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