Tiffany Butterfly

This little project was inspired by Tiffany’s hanging moth ornaments which were hung from the side of lampshades as a decorative addition, I thought it would make quite a posh sun catcher.

This was the design I came up with and I would have to say it involved quite a lot of work, there are sixty- nine pieces of glass here and quite fiddly keeping them together while I soldered them into place.

All the glass used here is Uroboros which I thinks works quite well, the body is 00-74 Emerald, Yellow Green and Light Green, the eyes are 00-21 Ruby, Golden Yellow, Red on White, I cut the centers and surrounds from the same sheet. The inner wings are 00-78 Light Green with Spring Green, one of my favorite glasses and finally the red tips are 60-25-5 Red,Orange and white.

At this point I’m not sure if I will make another as time was a big factor here, It was a good way of using up small pieces of glass though, those pieces that are just to good to throw away. I used a 14 swg tinned copper wire to make the stamens which also serve as hooks from which to hang the chain.

Poppies at Slade.

The story of this panel began a few years ago whilst I was visiting family in the UK. I managed a visit to Kansa Stained Glass where I was fortunate enough to purchase two sheets of Uroboros art glass which is hard enough to find at the best of times. The first sheet I pulled out of the rack was this one, code 10-16-5 Light & dark browns, turquoise with mini fractures.My first thoughts were I loved the colors and it would make a great background glass.
The next sheet I pulled out was this one 60-25-5 Red,orange & white at this point I thought “Poppy panel “. Over the next few years I made a few attempts at a pattern, which for various reasons I had to shelve, but in October 2018 a window of time opened up so I went for it. The colors of the two sheets gave me a feel of Liberty/Art Nouveau which strongly influenced the final design.

I have cut the top and bottom background here, the leaves ( Youghiogheny stipple 4117 Green, ice white & bluish grey ) and the soil ( Uroboros granite backed 65-17 Light & dark browns ) Ready to add the flowers now so hoping I’ve got it right.

Round Apple Blossom

Staying with the ” Tiny Tiffany ” theme this time I have gone for an Apple Blossom design, the background glass here is a Uroboros fracture glass code 10-55 Cobalt Blue, White and Green, this panel can be hung in a window or placed in a stand as shown here, The original panel size is 12 inches, ( 305 mm ) diameter.. The stand can be purchased here  The pattern for this piece can be purchased on etsy as a PDF download here Original panel size is 12 inches, this can be scaled up using the printing instructions included in the PDF download.

474mm Clematis

I am now starting to foil the pieces, I do this by removing them one at a time and then replacing them as I proceed. I find this method works very well as you are able to make minor adjustments as you work across the panel. Here is the panel with all of the foiling complete and I will now proceed with the first soldering, once this has been completed the template can be removed and the first solder can be repeated on the reverse side it is important to be very careful with the panel during these stages. First soldering completed on both sides and the perimeter lead added, you can see the two pieces of black tape securing it to the panel until it is soldered into place.The final bead solder can now be added to finish the panel. Bead soldering completed and patina added and you can clearly see the difference the bead solder makes to the panel, gives it a nice finish.

Clematis stained glass pattern

Blue Clematis
Blue Clematis


We are delighted to be able to offer this design for sale as a full size pattern 38.25 inches x 18.75 inches, ( 972mm x 476mm ) and is available on Etsy It is in PDF form and can be printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Glass Patterns Quarterly

Back in January we posted a small panel ” Scene with Poppies ” Shortly after we were contacted by GPQ , and as a result this design has been published in the current issue, along with a pattern and tutorial on how to construct this small panel.

Glass Patterns Quarterly
Glass Patterns Quarterly


 Scene with poppies Here is the finished panel .

Apple Blossom

This piece has been cut and sitting on the workbench for the past two months so I am delighted to have it complete and able to post pictures. Staying with the ” Tiny Tiffany ” theme this time I have gone for an Apple Blossom design, the background glass here is a Uroboros fracture glass code 10-55 Cobalt Blue, White and Green, this is the reverse side and you can see the fractures in the glass.

Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom

I think the fractures prove very effective when viewed from the front adding a sense of depth to the composition. © David Kennedy 2016.

Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom

Scene with irises

Effort number three in my ” Tiny Tiffany ” series is another scene, this time using irises which just work so well in stained glass. Getting some small pieces of yellow in here was a bit of a challenge but like to think I managed it ok. I find using the water glass really adds another dimension even though the piece is so small.
12 iris round
This is a close up of the piece.
12 iris close up

Scene with poppies

When using art glass you invariably end up with lots of different pieces of odd glasses that you simply don’t want to dispose of. After a while these start to mount up and take up space so some thing has to be done with them which leads to this panel. I have taken the idea from a ” Tiffany ” window, I’m not sure how large the original window is but my small panel is 12 inches in diameter, a Tiny Tiffany if you like.

Scene with poppies

I wasn’t sure how this would work out but I thought I would give it a go anyway, having seen the end result I may well try another one so watch this space.

12 poppy close up