Poppies Panel in Gothic Frame


Poppies Panel in Gothic Frame

This Poppies Panel in Gothic Frame was created as an exhibition piece. Somewhere along the line I had acquired a few old window frames. It was always my intention to eventually fill these with some art glass panels. At this point I had been practicing stained glass for a number of years. Reproduction lampshades mostly but I always yearned to produce my own original work.Before I got to the design stage however, I first had to strip the frames back to their natural state. A fairly laborious task then ensued as there was years of old coats of paint and putty to remove. Once I had them cleaned up I was able to make a cardboard template of the inside and begin my design.

Poppies Panel in Gothic Frame

This was the first of four panels all in reclaimed Gothic Frames. When we were building our house there was a lot of clay lying around in which the wild poppies thrived. The sight of these all growing in thick clumps was like a gift from mother nature and thus provided the inspiration for this panel. I have drawn the poppies to fit within the frame, starting with larger blooms at the bottom and reducing as they reach higher.

I used the copper foil construction method for the panel and 12 mm flat lead came around the perimeter. This provides for any slight adjustments that may be necessary once the panel is completed. I finished the frame with some natural wax polish and added a heavy oak base so it would stand upright. Youghiogheny Art Glass sourced in Pennsylvania was used throughout this piece.A superb collection is available here at https://www.delphiglass.com/search?searchtext=6010%20sp%20youghiogheny%20glass

This Pattern is now available for purchase as a full size PDF download in the pattern store.


Dimensions including the frame : width 375 mm x height 1060 mm

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